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The bookshelf company is a division of the Carpenter and Sons


At the “Bookshelf Company”, we believe that a study should be one of life's pleasures. 

A study needs to be unobtrusive, yet very functional, providing a certain confidence and tranquillity that can only be created by sheer elegance.

Studies... to study, to muse, to think, to experience. 

We put a great deal of thought into all our designs... And studies are no exception. The understated quality of our designs and materials, add an unmistakable air of sophistication a sense of style and a feeling of permanence. 

Our optional computer aided 3-dimentional design service can help you to design your ideal book retreat and provide the visual representation of your dream.


At the Carpenter & Sons we are dedicated to all who have preserved their sensibility for the beauty of natural products.

We aspire to meet the needs, ideas and wishes of each client as an individual. Therefore we put a great deal of thought into each of our designs. Study our furniture designs and examine our manufacturing skills then compare them to anything else you might find.

You need to be confident that you will receive the best value and be satisfied with your investment. If our standard designs do not furfill your vision, we offer an expanded 3D computer design service.

All the creative and design possibilities given by wood can be realised to perfection through innovative design.


By making use of the endless variety and inexhaustible richness in colours, textures and patterns of natural wood.

Our designers and skilled craftsmen combine the inherent characteristics of wood with a creative flair and heartfelt passion in order to bring your ideas and dreams into masterpieces that offer a workable, practical and embodiment of your desires. With our optional personal design service we broaden these aspirations even further, with face to face discussions.